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About Us

Collins Clothing Co began in May 2011 at Warramboo (in the middle of South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula) as Collins Retail, selling exclusively on eBay. Without too much direction but with an eye for opportunity and growth, we invested just $500 in Women’s Fashion from Los Angeles. A couple of weeks later, the order arrived, and items began selling immediately. Growth was steady but consistent for our first few years, where we juggled building the business with study and part-time work.

In 2015 and with the business beginning to become more than a hobby, we decided a Sea Change was in order and Moved to Tumby Bay on the east of the Peninsula. We began to focus on Workwear and Underwear brands such as Hard Yakka, KingGee & Bonds, which drove the next stage of the business development.

When we began, we started with a few simple core values;

1 - To provide the best possible online customer service

2 - Be completely honest and transparent with our buyers

3 - Always look for ways to improve every aspect of the business

4 - Treat every customer with respect

Looking into the future, we hope to continue our sustainable growth and relentlessly evolve new ideas and visions while maintaining our original core values.